Homebrew 2600


This page is for games and game demos. At the moment I am going to limit this just to the games I am creating, but may also include other peoples homebrew games (if they allow if) here in the future.

2600 Games

This section contains ROMs of Atari 2600 games. It should be pointed out that distributing ROMs that you do not have the permission of the copyright holder to distribute is copyright infringement. All ROMs on this site are ones I have either created myself (so am the copyright holder) or have permission from the copyright holder to distribute. I do not have nor will provide any ROMs that I do not have permission to distribute so please do not even ask me for them. To use the ROM files, you will either need a Flash cartridge for your 2600 or a software emulator (see resources).

Screenshot from Maze 3D game 1Right now I have only completed one game for the 2600. This game is Maze 3D which is a 3D maze where you use the joystick to navigate the maze. Push up on the joystick to move forward, with left and right turning you to the left or right.

Link to game here

Simulated Games

This section covers games that are simulated to play as if they were written for the 2600. For me this consists of my original Coffee Quest 2600 deconstruction and prototypes written in higher level languages with the intent of porting the code over to assembly language. This is done as it is far faster to write code in a high level language than in assembly language.

While I intend to have my Coffee Quest 2600 game here, this will be done at a future time when it is more appropriate (after the course). For those of you who don't want to wait, the original release is located on my old BlazingGames.com site. It requires Flash to play.

TIALib Demo Game

As part of my TIALib prototying library, a very simple game was created. The arrow leads to that game. For the coders out there it is part of my TIALib which you can download ( ( TIALib0_01.zip). TIALib Demo Game