Homebrew 2600


This page covers the projects that I am working on that are related to the Atari 2600.

This Site

The biggest project that I have right now related to the 2600 is this site. As explained in the about section on this site, it is part of a University course that I am taking. The course is now complete but I do plan on continuing to work on this site. I am hoping to add additional tools to the various article pages and more games to the game secion.

Coffee Quest 2600

While this started out as a game jam entry where I simulated what Coffee Quest would be like on the 2600, I still kind of want to do this for real. Maze 3D is a large chunk of this work, so finishing this project is not totally unrealistic.


While my NES RPG is to develop a full-blown RPG for the NES, I am thinking that a simpler RPG could be created for both the 2600 and the NES. More details on this project will be added once I have decided if I am going to do this and how.